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Dried Flower Buttonholes

Here we have button holes, also called boutonnières, these little guys used to be worn frequently, they are nowadays reserved for special occasions. We think at Prairies that any occasion is an occasion to wear these colourful pieces. Made out of any flowers and foliage, they stand up as an elegant and quirky accessory for all.

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Our Range of Dried Floral Buttonholes

Peep below for our many beautifully crafted dried flower buttonholes - made with fresh, vibrant, and unique flowers. Perfect for weddings and any other special occasions.

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How to Wear Buttonholes - Casual, Weddings, Special Occasions

The art of buttonholes also come with particular ways of wearing them - for both men and women. These traditions are more relaxed in our times, but we've summarised below a quick guide to how to wear buttonholes:

For men or male buttonholes, these should be worn on the left side. The flower should be pointing to the man's left shoulder with the top of the flower up and stem facing down - however, most are just simply placed upright.

For women, buttonholes or corsages are worn on the right side instead. Also, traditionally buttonholes have been worn by women upside down (flower facing down, stem facing up) however nowadays female buttonholes are placed freely as long as it is on the right side.

How to Maintain Buttonholes to Look Vibrant For Years

Our buttonholes are made from dried and preserved flowers, which means that they can last for years and require little maintenance.

However, it is important that you store our buttonholes in a cool and dry place - away from direct sunlight. It's also beneficial to keep them away from heating vents and air conditioning vents as well. This reduces the chances of discolouration and other changes to your buttonholes.

For any other questions about how to care and keep your buttonholes looking vibrant, simply give Prairies a call today! We'd be more than happy to assist.

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